The contractual agreements you make will provide you with protection from liability and ensure that all parties are properly compensated for products or services. I can draft or review partnership agreements, vendor contracts, employment contracts, commercial leases, or other contracts to identify any potential legal issues and ensure that you understand how they will affect your business. We can also help resolve any contractual disputes or breach of contract claims in a way that protects your business from legal or financial harm. I can provide tailored agreements to protect your assets in many areas of business and services.

  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial agreements - Premartial and postmarital agreements are nothing more than written, enforceable contracts. They should be a part of any comprehensive asset protection plan. In Mississippi, "prenups" and "postnups" are enforceable and their primary purpose is to specify how property and assets will be divided in the event of a divorce. This can include specific provisions concerning post divorce financial support obligations, as well as specific terms for the forfeiture of assets in the event the divorce results from misconduct such as adultery. The advantage of a prenuptial agreement is that the consequences of a divorce are defined before getting married. 

  • Partnership agreements - During the business formation process, a written agreement between the partners or shareholders can ensure that all parties understand their rights and responsibilities when operating the business. These contracts can also address how to handle disputes between partners or the procedures that will be followed if a partner leaves the business or wishes to sell their share of the company.​

  • Vendor contracts - When a business purchases or sells products or services, this type of contract will fully outline the details of the relationship with the other person or organization. In addition to specifying the scope of services and amount and methods of payment, these contracts may also address any matters related to the relationship between the parties, such as confidentiality, use of intellectual property, and/or liability.

  • Employment contracts - When hiring employees or working with independent contractors, a business will want to create contracts that outline the terms of employment and the wages and benefits provided. These contracts may also include terms such as non-compete agreements, non-solicitation agreements, and/or confidentiality agreements.

  • Commercial leases - When leasing space from a landlord, business owners should be sure they fully understand the terms of the lease. Some issues that may need to be addressed include whether improvements can be made to the property; responsibility for paying expenses such as utilities, property taxes, and insurance; and/or exclusivity clauses that prevent competitors from operating nearby. 

  • Employment law - In addition to helping create valid, enforceable employment contracts, we can help your company put policies in place that protect you from liability while ensuring that your employees' needs are met.