You've created the foundation for your legacy - now let's protect it.

I can help you craft the right plan for your circumstances. When determining how to choose the best plan for you, I listen and then I act. A properly executed estate plan will govern the process by which you declare how you would like your possessions divided after your death, as well as your end-of-life medical care preferences. Why leave these important decisions up to chance? I work with our clients from start to finish to ensure their intent is properly conveyed and documented.


​Let me help you with:

  • Wills - Your last will and testament will provide instructions for how your affairs should be handled after you have passed on. Your will can address issues such as how you would like your assets to be distributed to your heirs and whom you would like to serve as the guardian of your minor children.

  • Advanced Healthcare Directives - This document, also called a "living will," allows you to express your wishes regarding end-of-life medical care.​

  • Trusts - These financial instruments allow you to protect your assets by placing them in the control of a trustee and providing instructions for how they should be distributed to your beneficiaries. A living trust may be used to provide for your own needs while you are alive, or a third-party special needs trust can provide assistance to disabled loved ones without affecting their ability to receive public benefits. Depending on the value of your assets, a trust may be a highly beneficial tool. ​

  • Powers of Attorney - You may want to address how decisions will be made for you if you become incapacitated. A power of attorney for healthcare or finances will allow you to name an agent who can make decisions on your behalf, and you can specify the types of decisions they are allowed to make while providing instructions for how your medical care and financial affairs should be handled.

Estate Plan Package for individuals

$1,300 investment (includes notarization)

  1. Last Will & Testament (includes guardianship clause for minor children, if applicable)

  2. HIPAA Release

  3. Advanced Healthcare Directives

  4. Medical & Financial Powers of Attorney

Estate Plan Package for spouses

$2,100 investment (includes notarization)

  1. 2 Last Will & Testaments (includes guardianship clause for minor children, if applicable)

  2. 2 HIPPA Releases

  3. 2 Advanced Healthcare Directives

  4. 2 Medical & Financial Powers of Attorney

Revocable Living Trust Package

Starting at $4,000 investment (includes notarization)

  1. Revocable Living Trust

  2. Deeds prepared for all real property to be transferred to trust

  3. Simple Will (also known as a "Pour-Over Will," includes guardianship clause for minor children, if applicable)

  4. 2 HIPPA Releases

  5. 2 Advanced Healthcare Directives

  6. 2 Medical & Financial Powers of Attorney


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